๐Ÿ›‘ BEE Token: The New Cryptocurrency YOU WOULD REGRET NOT MINING

Bee Network is a new blockchain-based cryptocurrency innovation which makes mining fun. Bee Network basically creates a gaming experience where you can mine a cryptocurrency of its creation. That cryptocurrency is called bee. 
Earning bees using the Bee Network app is actually easy. It's literally like playing a game only that you earn rewards and the rewards are bees.  

Using your mobile phone, you can mine this cryptocurrency. Imagine getting cryptocurrency from the comfort of your home. Ecstasy, uh? 

There are 3 roles on the app. There is the Miner, the Verifier and the Referrer. The network users or players would earn rewards in the game. Those rewards are bees.

How much are bees worth
For now, bees are worth nothing. However, when Bitcoin, the pioneer of cryptocurrency came into existence in 2009, it was also worth nothing. In fact, it wasn't until July the following year that Bitcoin had some worth in the real world.  

Bee Network is a platform in its development phase. According to experts, by mid-2021, bees could have a value of 1$ per bee. That means bees would have a valuation of $1= 1 bee. This is why the developers limited the number of users to 1 billion. Once this number is reached, the mining would be terminated and bees would then be available for exchange

In the early days of this year, Bee Network released a statement and it is something I think you should read up.
The platform has grown by 1 million users since its launch in December. It was something the developers didn't expect but that meant the number of bees one can mine per hour reduced. This number will reduce when the platform reaches a milestone of 10 million. 
How does Bee Network work?
Once you've downloaded the app and have gone through the process of registering with a referral code (obadan12345), you can start mining. 

Mining can be done by just clicking a button. The button kick starts your 24-hour mining session. The number of bees you can earn per hour is determined by this simple formula;

Number of bees= base rate + (base rate) x 25% x (number of active miners in your earning team)

Base miners used to earn 1.6 Bee per hour but that number has declined to 0.4 Bee per hour since the number of active users grew to 1 million. Once the number reaches 1 billion, you won't be able to earn bees again. So this is really A RACE AGAINST TIME. 

To earn more bees per hour, you have to refer. For each active users you refer, you will earn a 25% base rate as your referral bonus. If you have 10 active users on your earning team, you will earn an extra 10 x 25%.

How to register for Bee Network mining?
First, you need to download the Bee Network app. You can download it here but I'd advise you to wait until you've read the whole review. 

Here is a step-by-step approach to registering on Bee Network with pictures;
1. Download the app.
2. Open the app and input your phone number or verify your identity using Facebook. I used my phone number as that is much easier. I was sent a code after I did. 

3. The next step is to fill in your real name and the username you would like to appear in the app. Note that your username would also be your referral ID. Also, it must contain a numerical digit. 
4. The next step is to input a referral code. Please use my referral code: obadan12345 to sign up. Just copy it and use it when you've downloaded the app. Note that you won't be allowed to complete your registration without imputing a referral code. 
5. You have successfully registered. 

How to earn Bees
All you need to do is to click on the thunder button and your mining would start. You do not need to check back until 24 hours later. The app will run in the background and you will earn as it goes on. 

At the base level, you earn 0.4 bees per hour. After 24 hours, that number would be 9.6 bees. Oops, lest I forget, you also get a bonus of 1 bee just for registering. Remember to use referral code: obadan12345.

That's all you need to know about Bee Network. 

Thank you for reading. See you on our next blog post. ❤️❤️

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